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Thoughts About God From Genesis 37-50

“Why Does God Allow Suffering?” The story of Joseph is one of the best-known in Scripture. It is the story of youthful arrogance, parental favoritism, sibling rivalry, unbelievable betrayal, cruel injustice, and unfair suffering. It’s one man’s journey from rags … Continue reading

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How Were People Saved in the Old Testament?

I love a good question, and this one certainly fits the bill: How were people saved in the Old Testament? I believe the Bible is clear about this issue, with Romans 4 being the definitive passage. I urge you to … Continue reading

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What Has God Done For You Lately?

Lately, when I wake up, I have this increasing awareness that the start of a new day is an undeserved gift of God’s grace. Lately, when I go to bed, I have this increasing awareness that I might not wake … Continue reading

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