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Why Trust the Bible? (Product Review)

by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones Attacking the Word of God has been going on for centuries. So it should come as no surprise to 21st century believers that bashing the Bible is a popular pastime in our day. This report … Continue reading

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What Did Jesus Talk About Repeatedly?

Happy Spring! According to the calendar, March 20 is the first day of Spring, my favorite time of year. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where the winters can be brutally cold and the summers blistering hot. So I’m lovin’ … Continue reading

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How Many People Are In Hell?

Do you ever wonder what hell is like? The Bible tells us. More specifically, Jesus tells us. Luke 16:19-31 contains the story of the rich man (who goes to hell) and Lazarus (who goes to heaven). The rich man “was in … Continue reading

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How Many People Are In Heaven?

Do you even wonder what heaven is like? The Bible tells us. First and foremost, God is the focus of heaven. His glory is center stage. Heaven is a place that shines the spotlight on a Person, the all-glorious Creator … Continue reading

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